Want to Read Rhythm Notation?

  • Do you have trouble with sight reading rhythm?
  • Do you wish you could play rhythm patterns accurately?


and READING RHYTHM will help you!

No matter what style of music you play, this unique eBook guide will show you the way. Now you can finally:

  • Master the fundamentals of rhythm notation.
  • Sound out and play any rhythm pattern correctly.
  • Increase your sight-reading speed, accuracy, and confidence.
  • Learn how to read complex rhythms such as syncopation, odd time signatures, and more.

$12 USD - PDF eBook - 106 pages

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Become a Sight-Reading Master!

Just rhythm, no pitch — so you can focus completely on your rhythm reading skills.
Over 700 rhythm patterns!

Counting guides help you "sound out" the rhythm exercises — so you can be sure you're reading them correctly.
  • Learn to count and play any rhythm pattern and know you've got it right.
  • Build your skills bit by bit by working your way through the rhythm practice exercises — over 700 rhythm patterns!
  • Practice exercises start simple and gradually get more complex. Soon you'll be reading any rhythm with ease, including syncopation, odd time signatures, tuplets, compound meters, and more.


  • Sight-reading tips and tricks to help you increase your accuracy and speed even more.
  • Valuable insights and "inside" information, including how to understand the underlying "vocabulary" of rhythm, the proper way to use a metronome, and how to count odd meters so they're actually easy and fun to play.

“Finally! I've needed a book like this for years. Tons of great practice material!”
- KD, Seattle

“Your book has helped me a lot with sounding out rhythms. Thank you!”
- MG, Los Angeles

“Great book! I’ve improved my rhythm sight reading 100%.”
- HW, Berlin

“My skill and confidence have really increased.”
- BT, London

“Highly recommended!”
- LM, Chicago

An excellent skill-building and practice tool for players of any instrument, in any style, at any level.

'Reading Rhythm' is a great resource for your students who are working on their rhythm sight-reading skills.

Over 700 patterns for them to work with, in a progressive, easy-to-read format.


Patterns and Principles
by Richard Middleton


$12 USD - PDF eBook - 106 pages

30-day money-back guarantee:
If you don't feel the information and exercises in 'Reading Rhythm' can help you improve your rhythm sight-reading skills, just let us know within 30 days and we'll refund the full purchase price to you.

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